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Commercial Landscaping

Commercial Landscaping Contracts

Teaming: A New Perspective for Property Management

Understanding commercial landscaping contracts can be difficult, whether you’re looking for corporate landscaping, HOA landscape maintenance, or apartment landscaping.  Coastal Lawn and Landscaping utilizes the concept of teaming to partner with property managers to customize maintenance plans that (1.) maximizes return on investment; (2.) balances value and cost; (3.) creates a sustainable, predictable, and levelized 12 month maintenance plan which enables property managers to easily forecast their future monthly expenditures.  Never ones to shy away from tough questions, we created an outline of all the services that can be potentially included in every contract so that property managers might understand them better. 

Size, Scope, And Frequency

Before we get into the types of services offered in a commercial landscape maintenance contract, it’s crucial for us to mention the three most important factors that will determine the ultimate price of your bid: property size, project scope, and frequency of service. The size of your landscape is the surface area of all the greenspace on your property. The larger the property, the more your fuel, labor, and material costs will increase.

Unlike some providers of HOA, apartment, or corporate landscaping, the Coastal team does not provide maintenance on a per service basis.  Instead, we schedule work on a contract basis for the entire landscape maintenance season, which is 38 to 40 weeks long, and our crews can be scheduled to visit your property anywhere from 28-38 times to mow during that period, with several additional visits scheduled for fertilizer, pruning, and landscape detailing.  As you probably guessed, an increase in the frequency of service will lead to an increase in the cost of your landscape maintenance.

The scope of services in your contract is simply an outline of which services your landscape maintenance provider is performing.  To make things simple, we’ve broken down these services into the following categories: general seasonal care, irrigation and sprinkler care, plant and horticultural care, and enhancements. 

Plant And Horticultural Care

Here at Coastal, we care about making sure your perennials, flowers, trees, and shrubs look great, but we also want to keep them healthy.  For example, we make sure your trees and shrubs look well groomed by pruning them.  This could mean trimming them to maintain their growth in the summer or practicing dormant pruning in winter to make sure plants are healthy.  In addition to this, we also promote plant health with organic fertilizer and by monitoring for insects and diseases.

Bed Care

Typically, any mulching or pine straw that’s done to flower or plant beds is classified as bed care. This includes everything from the installation of flower beds to maintaining them by adding soil, mulch or pinestraw.  Once bed care is applied, we make sure that as much of it stays in its place as possible by blowing and raking any that gets displaced by wind or foot traffic.  In addition to this, bed care also includes the prevention of unwanted plants by weeding and application of herbicides.

Different Care For Different Seasons

Northwest Florida has hot summers and mild winters, each requires a different approach based on how it will affect your landscape. Some of our clients get the bulk of their care during the spring and summer, while others get more care in the and fall.  Each property has different needs, and the following is a basic summary of what we do throughout the year.  Mid spring is generally when we do the bulk of our annual planting, although fall is another time of year when certain types of flowers bloom and thrive.  Throughout the spring and summer and early fall, our crews are out mowing turf as well as fertilizing and detailing landscapes.  Throughout the late fall, early winter, and early spring, we’re busy blowing the leaves that fall from the deciduous trees on our client’s properties, though we do some autumn planting during this time as well.  Florida's live oaks are notorious for the amount of leaves they drop in the spring and fall, but Coastal is there through it all to ensure your property maintains its pristine appearance and continues to yield the highest ROI possible.

Commercial Landscaping
Commercial Landscaping

Irrigation Care

While not all commercial properties have irrigation systems, we know that it’s a big investment for those that do.  We want to protect that investment by making sure your equipment is working properly.  This can not only save you thousands by helping to prevent water waste, but also reduce the impact that your landscape has on the environment.  A Coastal team member performs quality audits on each property we service several times per season.  During these audits, we are checking for obvious signs of damage to your sprinkler heads (i.e. are they broken, do they raise and lower to the correct heights, do they show signs of wear and tear).  

Contact us today and let us generate a value added proposal that is sure to enhance and maintain your property's appearance. 

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Irrigation Repair
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